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The advanced floor heating system

Heat-Sheet panels are easy to install, offer continuous insulation, save up to 75% on PEX pipe installation labor, and eliminate taping and poly.

Heat-Sheet’s primary functions are to conserve energy and reduce cost and labor. Heat-Sheet provides an efficient thermal barrier between the heated slab and the underlying ground. Heat-Sheet permits fast and accurate room temperature response to temperature controllers. The use of Heat-Sheet may also reduce the size and cost of system hardware. Heat-Sheet will reduce project costs and speed installation because the usual method for positioning the tube by tying it down to wire mesh has been replaced.

The tube is simply ‘stepped’ into the Heat-Sheet panels, saving a great deal of back-breaking labor. The cost to purchase and install wire mesh may also be eliminated. Heat-Sheet is manufactured in a 2′ x 4′ panel in several thicknesses that will accommodate ½” and 5/8″ I.D. tubing, -Values ranging from R4 to R16.1.

Heat-Sheet provides 25 PSI compressive resistance which is 50% stronger than similar products. Heat-Sheet stands up to the rigors of job-site conditions without breaking, cracking, or chipping. Heat-Sheet Heavy is designed to accommodate 3/4″ I.D. tubing for commercial applications. A high compressive strength Heat-Sheet (40 & 60 psi) is also available on request.


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